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German government agencies and academic institutions generate a great deal of goodNewly constructed housing  in Germany information that could be helpful to an investor considering the purchase of real estate in Germany.  Often, however, this material is never translated into English.  There are, of course, much worthwhile data and reports on German regional property market trends made readily available by large international real estate agencies such as DTZ and CBRE.  But the actual academic and government sources of the information, tend to be neglected by investors, especially those outside of Germany.

A lively German city with old and new use buildings

To make it easier for property investors from overseas to become familiar with the German real estate market, this internet site – portfolio-germany.com – provides a review in English of important work and links to the original German sources that, we hope, will help them make an informed investment decision.  Portfolio Germany’s principal, William Rauch, an urban planner with extensive professional experience in both Berlin and New York, keeps abreast of current German research and literature.  On these pages you will gain access to recent work pertaining to real estate development and the German property market, in areas such as:                                                                                                                                                             

  • laws and regulations
  • taxes or subsidies
  • regional and urban development planning
  • long-term market supply and demand
  • property prices, rents and yield

If you find an item especially interesting or have a question, please drop us a line.  We’d be glad to discuss it with you.  For a  linked list of current English language news articles about real estate investment in Germany see our Why Germany page.

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